Day 6 - North Atlantic : Bermuda-East Coast

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 6 Jun 2014 20:34
35:50.3N 73:39.3W

An eventful night – wind gusts up to 23 knots, spectacular lightening storms,  big waves breaking all around and ships passing close by … and it rained and rained and rained – so heavy at times the sea “danced” around us, the visibility was nil and we got thoroughly wet monitoring the shipping - taking evasive action where necessary. Finally, the wind abated, we had sneaked passed the southern end of the storm and as the sun peaked over the horizon we began to dry out. Now, we are without wind (what a difference 12 hours makes at sea) and motor-sailing directly toward Chesapeake Bay entrance – estimated 130nm to go – probably late Sat evening – trying for a “before-dark tie-up” in Bay Point Marina (what a change that would make…a daylight arrival!). Even though our journey is coming to end – we still have a supply of fresh fruit, and veg to eat with fish tonight ... and plenty of drinks (no sun-downers to-date). Equal ties on the competition points leave it all pending on tomorrow’s noon day-run, sea temperature and tie up time! Noon day today was a more respectable 128nm (we were only sailing on the one headsail - Genoa). Local noon sun sightings was noted at 12:48pm (GMT-5hrs). We are expecting (hoping) for a quiet night – probably avoiding shipping leaving the Bay, looking for a land sighting tomorrow afternoon and home thereafter….. Phil, Di and Piko.