Antigua - Curtain Bluff

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 9 Mar 2012 18:00
17:0.68N 61:50.8W

The day of the photo-shoot finally arrived! We had arranged to meet Luka Rone (our photographer) just off Curtain Bluff, south of the Island. We motored down Goat Head Channel, taking Cades Reef on our starboard - leaving plenty of sea room! The wind freshened as we rounded the Island to a keen easterly blowing at 20-25 knots. We continued to tidy sheets, polish the stanchions and generally make the boat look pristine - not difficult - although we had just done 3,100nm. As we were a little early we anchored in the bay just past Curtain Bluff in the hopes of catching sight of our photgrapher and asking her to take photos of the Magic Friday anchored as a start. Unfortunately, wind and engine noise preventing us from getting their attention, so a quick weigh of the anchor and we motored to our rendezvous. As time was limited, we decided to do the anchor shots first (back to the bay and re-anchor!), followed by a full sail reach out to sea and a spinnaker run in to return. And of course we all changed into our best sailing outfits!


The sail out with full main and genoa was lively, plenty of spray and heel - not wanting to do too much as Luka circled and took photos. Jeff instructing us all to "look relaxed" for the pictures!! A quick sail change with the genoa furled and asymmetric spinnaker set (at almost racing speed) - we started our reach back inshore - and what a reach! Making 11 knots easily, keeping a close eye on the approaching reef and our photographer behind us!


A great mornings to sail to finish a tremendous trip together - we all mentioned how nice it was to sail for "the pleasure" rather than having to clock miles every day to a destination!


Finally, as we sailed gently back to Jolly Harbour - Morrison Bay looked so tempting - another anchor, this time with a swim, the bbq set up off the stern stanchion, lunch with champagne (courtesy of Di to celebrate our arrival) and a relax for us all! Then back into the marina for some of us to get back to work from the boat with the internet connection - such is life!


Here is a sample of the excellent photos taken by Luka (thanks for some very professional pictures):