Day 5 - North Atlantic : Bermuda-East Coast

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 5 Jun 2014 22:15
34:33.3N 71:53.6W

Not the night we expected - the late evening GRIB files (weather/wind) of Wedn indicated that the storm system had expanded off the coast around Cape Hatteras. Also, our slightly faster arrival at the edge of the high winds meant that we had 3 choices – continue into possible 30 knot winds (not desirable), slow to a stop (not easy in the building seas – waves up to 15ft) or turn around and sail away - back towards Bermuda! We choose the later (well, we liked Bermuda and Piko had had such a short stay – no sightseeing….!!) – we headed south east for 12 hours throughout the night – adding miles to our journey but staying safe. At dawn we re-set our course back for Chesapeake Bay (guess we all need to get home sometime…) – at least we all felt happier to be reducing our DTD again! Not surprisingly the noon day run was a mere 39nm having only just passed our position of yesterday!  Nevertheless, the morning GRIB files gave encouragement that the strategy was working, although we are still likely to see 25 knot winds over night as we sneak by south of the gale force winds. Another tanker (SCF Pachado) had to change course for us as we re-crossed the shipping traffic bound for Europe. The traditional competition of points for interesting sightings, noon day run estimates, time of arrival and sea temperature becomes the topic of the day as we get closer to home – currently a tie between Piko and Phil with Di a close second! Another hot sunny day draws to a close, stir fry prawns on the menu (hot dogs for lunch) but no sundowners as we know we will have a long night ahead. Di, Phil and Piko.