Day 3 - Western Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 14 Jun 2012 23:20
21:31.4N 68:24.1W

After a night of star gazing (courtesy of Mike G's iPad app), followed by a day of fresh winds to greet the dawn but then dropping during the morning and shifting to the south we made the most of a good sailing day - deciding to hoist the asymmetric spinnaker, As we battled to keep it full, suddenly the wind picked up and we accelerated to great speeds - reaching 8-9 knots in only 11-12 knots wind - very satisfactory! Although the heat of the sun took its toll on us all. Fresh water tanks re-filled thanks to the water-maker. Now looking forward to Chinese stir fry for dinner (Mike A is in charge). One broken reefing block (next time we will furl the genoa before fixing all the spinnaker lines) was the only casualty of the day - oh and a few flying fish found on the deck this morning. We briefly had AIS contact with another vessel but not a sighting - so a day all alone as we left Puerto Rico on our stern heading towards the Bahamas. Norah Jones plays softly in the background, evening meal smells good and the sun sets on a good sailing day. Phil, Mike & Mike.