Day 13 - Bahamas Cruising (Nassau - Bay Street Marina)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 30 Mar 2016 17:44
25:04.6N 77:19.7W


A day "in the city" (Nassau) - such a contrast to the remote islands Cays! Time to catch up on the laundry, take a complimentary ride to the local Fresh market store to re-stock on some provisions - the store had expanded from last year - very well stocked, some Waitrose branded and other English goods, even products not seen in the U.S. We learnt from the driver that the mega "Baha-Mar" hotel project is still not open - last year as we rode past to the airport the grand opening was to be mid-2015 - already delayed. Pity as it is an impressive sight. An afternoon swim to cool-off and dinner at Luciano's Italian on the dockside (only with a reservation) rounded the day "in the city".


Phil and Di 

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