Day 9 - Marathon Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 3 Apr 2017 17:27
24:42.2N 81:06.6W

On Wednesday the customs office will open and we can surrender our Cruising Licence in order to go offshore (to "C") and renew when we return (15 days later). So, we are currently waiting-on-customs (or "woc") this time in the Florida Keys! Could be worse!

Today was intended to be a day of rest! A trip out in Mini Magic to explore further into the channel and Marathon itself. Oh.but the outboard was leaking petrol (again)! So, a rig up to work on the engine without leaning over the transom helped with the repairs. Carburetor stripped down and cleaned again - all seemed okay. Re-assembled and fine! But too late in the afternoon to explore - so we will do so tomorrow. Some excitement alongside us as a super-yacht (74ft) pulled up to fuel dock, loading fuel took some 3 hours(!), and after attempting to leave the dock in the heavy easterly wind, decided to stay overnight. Very wise as we had had similar problems after re-fueling a few days earlier -catching the anchor on exit!

Phil and Di

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