City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 11 Jun 2017 18:01
27:27.1N 80:19.3W

Another day for "under the boat" - this time to replace the prop shat anodes - a more difficult job as they are in two halves with allen screws top and bottom. Amongst the stripe fan tailed fish again, carefully unscrewing, removing old eroded anodes and managing to hold the two halves on the shaft and screw the allen screws in place - all 5ft under the water! Picking up several hand cuts from the razor sharp barnacles adhered to parts of the hull - but thankfully a swim cap protecting my scalp this time)! No hull scraping though as the plastic scrapper detached from my wrist rope and was gone! A job for another day as 30-40 minutes under the boat was enough!

An afternoon spent "Skyping" with folks in the U.K. to catch up on the news (not to mention the election!).