Day 7 - North Atlantic - East Coast to Bermuda

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 18 May 2014 17:41
32:22.8N 64:40.6W
Arrived! After waiting on Bermuda Radio (St George harbour control) to rectify a "technical issue" early Sunday morning - we were given clearance to enter the habour at 09:00 - very low on diesel!! We made a direct line to the fuel dock (flying a customs quarantine yellow flag - for later), refueled and custom cleared we investigated "Captain Smokes" from the atwerside - which was our pre-arranged marina berth - but receiving no reply (it is Sunday) and there clearly was no space we contacted Yacht Services (via Bermuda Radio) and secured a perfect spot opporiste the Bermuda Heritage Musuem for the night. Drinks (and lunch) at the White Swan, dinner (and more drinks) at the Tavern by the Sea and more drinks (no food) at the Wawooh finished off the day and and long journey to Bermuda - great sail (and motor!), great company and a great boat!! Phil, Di and Mike.