Ocean Marina - Portsmouth VA

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 22 Apr 2018 17:51
36:49.9N 76:17.7W

Up early to catch a calm wind so that the mainsail batten could be measured and fitted. Trivia question: "How many times up and down the mast/sail to fit a batten"? In this case, the answer was definitely not once! The extended length we had purchased in Charleston measured inside the sail pocket, cut to length, batten feet fitted and back into the sail pocket .. Unfortunately the upper batten foot was too wide for the narrowing sleeve, out it came and a modification to the end was made. Back up and into the batten pocket, furl the mainsail into the mast..now the batten feet were too wide and were snagging on the mast entry slot! Back out it came and further modifications to the batten feet (cut and sanded to the same width. But now the wind had increased and further work on the mainsail would have to wait .. a day's end!

Phil and Di