Day 6 - St Augustine - Cape Canaveral Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 16 Feb 2017 18:42
29:36.9N 81:05.0W

A morning trip ashore to reconfirm the weather (GRIB) files and meet an ex-work colleague for coffee in a delightful little coffee shop of the main town square. Good to catch up on all news over the past year. Then back to the boat to ready and be off on high tide at mid-day.

We edged out cautiously following the red navigation bouys to avoid the shoals eventually getting to the safe water bouy with relief! Sails set - a goose-wing in light winds, no a jibe and then a tack - the wind was all over the place! Settling in to a motor sail routine - 120nm to go!

Staying relatively close inshore to avoid having to fight the gulf stream current we vieiwed Mantanza River inlet (not for us), Daytona Beach (with a strange dust cloud overhead - was it a race?) and in the far distance the launch sites of Cape Canaveral - although they would be clearer in tomorrow's daylight.

As the sun slipped away, sundowners and dinner - darkness was upon us...and a wind - enough to fill the main, cut the engine and sail peacefully into the approaching night. Without the moon (rising at midnight), plenty of star-gazing to do as the planets filled the sky once again. Later in the night another goose-wing set to power the genoa and pick up a couple more knots - arrival time still being mid-day at the Cape.

Phil and Di