Day 2 - Florida - Bahamas

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 29 May 2015 20:31
25:42.2N 79:18.4W

During the night we caught up with a fellow sailor - all lights on (it took a while to work out his direction / vessel type). As we came up close he called us up to explain his lighting logic - an unfortunate close incident with a trawler had un-nerved him! We sailed alongside for some time - two eerie shadows before picking up more wind and leaving him behind. Dawn broke clearly to a full day sailing - down the Florida coast and finally turning south-east at Fort Lauderdale towards Bimini to cross the Gulf Stream with a steady easterly - although not strong enough to keep the northerly current at bay - so a little help from the engine during the crossing helped us make up time. Several cargo vessels to avoid or call up on VHF and ensure they would miss us! Thankfully no incidents for us as they usually altered their course. Sundowners saw the afternoon sun beginning to fade as we raised landfall in the early evening dusk - just sufficient light to select a safe anchorage (such an easy task with the windlass working again at last)! A quick evening meal and we were both ready for a very restful sleep "without rocking" - despite the boat rocking on anchor!    

Phil and Di