Ocean Marina - Portsmouth VA

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 23 Apr 2018 17:07
36:49.9N 76:17.7W

Another early rise to finish the batten job. This time, up (only once) to fit it into the sleeve and re-furl the sail nicely into the mast. Job Done. Whilst on the Boson's chair, the niggling anemometer problem still loomed. Back up to retrieve the anemometer and re-test below - seemed to work. Then to talk to a Simrad technician to help troubleshoot. First, a good suggestion was the need to" auto-select" so the NMEA2000 system would recognize the new anemometer. Oh.it needed to be back up on the mast . up again to the top - getting a little windy up there but managed to get it secured. Back down and auto-select - nothing! On the phone to Simrad - could be the terminators. Too much resistance in the circuit (should ready ~60 ohms across the yellow and blue connections in the aft cockpit (under the auto-pilot computer. But it read only 40.7 ohms, so the end terminator removed - back on 61 ohms. This must be it. Auto-select again - nothing! On the phone again - the on ly thing left was the masthead cable - all 20M+ of it. No choice, cable ordered (from Spain of all places), rushed delivery - let's hope it gets here on time!

Running out of provisions on the boat - a 2 mile walk to the local supermarket was needed -through the pleasant historic part of Portsmouth. Then on the return - a local micro-brewing bar beckoned. In we went for drinks and nibbles.only to be "roped-in" to a trivia quiz!! Try as we did (we needed Bruce) and disadvantaged by being British against the American questions - last in the first round, last in the second, a come-back in the third, but last at the end - at least we received an acknowledgement form the quiz-master and was worth the fun to compete!

Phil and Di

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