Day 1 - Fort pierce - Lake Worth

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 26 Mar 2017 21:53
26:46.0N 80:02.6W

Up bright and early (pre-dawn) to be ready for a high tide cast-off. A difficult exit given we were in a corner with a yacht close on the stern! So, a call for assistance for the dockhand - but the stern refused to drift out with the wind sufficient to clear the stern yacht's bowsprit and ferocious looking anchor! More help arrived from neighbouring yachts, a line across to the dock at 90 degrees to help us inch out, some success but the starboard prop wash (in reverse) kicked the stern neatly back to the dockside!! After several attempts we finally got clear, a quick 180 degree tunr avoiding all the moored yachts and we were away ... phew!

One issue solved - to the next - inching out of the marine channel in near zero water depth (even at high tide) and then under the 65ft bridge - again at high tide with the clearance only reading 64ft 6" - enough...? Well, enough to just miss brushing the VHF ariel - a relief to be heading to open sea. Well, that was until we caught up with a barge in the breakwater channel - also heading out. Not a problem, after checking with the tug-master he was not about to make any sudden turns" and catch us in between barge and tug we were clear to pass either side and clear into open water at last!

Good winds and a course south. Full sails set we could relax....that was until the genoa sheet parted with a bang! Quick sail change to the jib and inspect the problem. No obvious chaffing to have caused the break - which fortunately was only a few feet away from the clew, so enough sheet intact to re-tie and re-use. The rest of the day was sailing on the main and self-tacking jib - useful as the wind veered and a few tacks were required to continue a southerly course. As the afternoon sun slipped away, the high rise of Lake Worth and Palm beach slowly came into view.

The choice was a night time entrance to Lake Worth and anchor as planned or sail on through the night to Fort Lauderdale. Choosing the entrance as we were familiar with this area was fine until a large cargo vessel decided to leave port! A few exchanges on the VHF to pass on port and we were clear. Anchor dropped late into the evening.

What a day! Time for a late dinner and rest!

Phil and Di

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