Day 10 - Marathon Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 4 Apr 2017 17:08
24:42.2N 81:06.6W

Excitement on the fuel dock as the local sheriff was called, arriving by motor launch with flashing lights and sirens (of course) to escort someone away (reason unknown), then an ambulance by road as a person was brought ashore in a stretcher and finally the Coast Guard paid a visit (not to us)! It all happens at Burdines marina!

As the sun climbed the sky, another hot morning developed in Marathon - forecast temp only 785F but 100% humidity! Regardless, a trip out on Mini Magic was called for - partly to exonerate the "running-out-of-petrol" experience in Lake Worth and partly to get closer to the local supermarket for last minute provisions. Took the spare fuel container with us - but not needed - all went well, a pleasant motor across the bay of Marathon, taking a closer look at the different style houses, tied up on a small marina dinghy dock less than a mile to the supermarket and purchased everything needed. Dinghy back along the mangrove bushes growing along the waterside.

Mini-Magic washed and deflated, packed away in the aft locker as we were aware that tenders were not allowed to be towed into any marinas of "C". A few last minute preparations followed by a relaxing evening on the boat.

Phil and Di

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