City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 1 Jun 2017 17:52
27:27.1N 80:19.3W

Monday morning - a little windy in the morning but the promise of a calmer afternoon for hull cleaning and anode replacement underneath the boat beckons - and a time to try out the new breathing hose. But first a gust of wind catches one of my favourite caps (black "Point Classic" - a free-be of course) - gone in the water, frantic attempts with the boat hook. too late - it sank and drifted away on the tide - oh well.

Back to dive preparation - instead of strapping the diving tank on my back - just to go a few feet under - leave the tank on deck and breath through a special high pressure hose - very efficient, although a little longer to set up - especially if the hose tangles! Nevertheless, Di on deck - keeping a look-out and promising not to turn the air tank off - beneath I go. Scrape, scrape, the prop is quite badly covered in barnacles, then to the cone anode with an allen key - carefully unscrewing what is left of the old one and replacing with a new one - whilst inquisitive fish circle around me!

Job done, back on the swim ladder to come aboard. What is caught on the bottom rung - something black - a cloth? No - the lost "Point Classic" cap from the morning - evidently not wanting to be taken out by the tide it had somehow caught on the ladder! A pleasing end to the day's jobs.

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