Day 6 - Fort Lauderdale Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 31 Mar 2017 17:14
26:06.9N 80:06.5W

An early morning shock, not an early April fool and nothing to do with Magic Friday: logged in to the bank account - the Federal and State tax refunds credited already!! Obviously, the almost 300 page submission had been accepted and processed. A cause for celebration!! (Well, perhaps later this evening - too early in the morning now).

The weather - not looking good - thunderstorms still developing / forecast for the afternoon. So, definitely a "stay-over". Time to "stroll" (3 miles each way!) to a Wells Fargo bank and get some foreign currency (GBP and Euro's seem to be popular in "C"). Over draw-bridges, alongside pretty waterway canals all fronted with nice houses and docks (of course) and village type shops along the way. Lunch out and back to Magic Friday with a few provisions on the way. No thunderstorms but a blustery day nevertheless.

A chance to invite our long time friends from last year (on Oceanaire) of Fort Lauderdale for drinks and nibbles, great conversations sharing travel experiences and perhaps a chance to catch up with them again in "C" (although they are flying and staying landside on their trip). They mentioned the 1920's classic yacht (replica) tied opposite " Amphritite" - formerly owned by Jonny Depp (the yacht's name was changed from "Vajoliroja" (a pun on the Jolly Roger pirate flag when said aloud - after his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis and their children Lily-Rose and Jack) to "Amphitrite" in 2015, a sea goddess and Poseidon's wife in Greek mythology, as a gift to his new wife Amber Heard. Apparently, after a USD 8 million refit(!) the yacht has sumptuous interiors in a Bohemian style - although we were not invited aboard!! Now owned by JK Rowling and undergoing another refit - hence the wrapping!

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Phil and Di (on Magic Friday - no name change, nor in need of any refit)!

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