Chesapeake Day (Bay Point)- Day 2

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 20 Jul 2014 16:41
36:55.3N 76:10.9W


A 10 mile run to start the day – finishing on the beach and meeting Di on her bike – perfect! Then the diving – first (new) gear familiarization (Annelsie would have helped) – but we got there – all equipped to inspect and clean the hull – in I went : relatively cold and murky marina water. Not a great deal of growth – mostly the sunny side – rudder, prop and anodes looked O.K. BUT inspection of the bow thruster -  not so good news – the protective cover was (once again) missing! Worse the cylindrical drum was cracked. Definitely a bigger repair job when Magic Friday is lifted out for re anti-fouling – for now the thruster status will suffice for our needs. The it was time to meet new (Moody) friends : Terry and Lena – their contact to us – full of local knowledge and wanting to help – so nice to meet fellow sailors with similar fondness for their boats and dreams! A pleasant evening was had by all – thanks Terry and Lena.


Phil and Di

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