Day 4 - Western Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 15 Jun 2012 23:12
23:10.9N 70:04.1W

A lively night's sail (ships log recorded "Wow, rough seas makes holding heading difficult" - but clearly not too difficult as good progress was made throughout the night and during the day. Perfect winds (Southerlies turning south west Force 4-5 enabled another day's asymmetric spinnaker sailing - touching 10.6 knots (our best to-date – although Mike A doesn’t confirm this …!). Noon-to-noon day run was a little disappointing at 133nm (yesterday 146nm) but still respectable progress to our destination - with just under 800nm to go! We had company this afternoon – a group of long tailed birds stayed with us for some time (Mike A is still trying to photograph and identify them)! Meanwhile Mike G is still looking for the TV channels on-board (this is a record for him without the news updates) – we still haven’t told him there is no aerial for reception – only DVD’s. Mahi-mahi for dinner (Mike G is in charge), still hoping for a nice sunset to toast our sundowners as the day closes on another fine sail. Phil, Mike & Mike.