Brunswick Landing Marina - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 30 Jan 2017 18:48
31:09.4N 81:29.9W

Time to start replacing and updating equipment purchased over the last few months, delivered to the U.K. and now on-board in the U.S. - the first being the Philippi Tank and Battery Monitor - a much missed piece of equipment (the screen died on the original monitor). So, a like-for-like replacement, full instructions on how to effect the exchange from Philippi - looked easy! Not quite - some difficulty reconnecting the small ribbon strip to the new circuit board - but success at east! Or was it? Power it up - nothing! No data on the screen, no functioning buttons ... nothing on the display.

An afternoon spent troubleshooting - power to the monitor, battery voltages on the data lead - but still nothing. Is it another faulty monitor or something else? No choice but to disconnect and e-mail Philippi (in Germany) and wail for a reply and/or some help!

In the meantime, a good job done by Di provisioning the boat for a two week spell, unloaded and stored - all ready to go.

The evening was rounded off with a very pleasant "Chilli Challenge" gathering in the marina clubhouse. Good food, conversations and company throughout the evening.

Phil and Di

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