Day 14 - North Atlantic Ocean

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 22 May 2019 14:44
38:19.0N 39:36.9W

Day 14 (22/5) - Consistent south-westerly 20-25kns saw us through all of yesterday and the night, without any significant swell. Boat speeds of 8-9kns saw us through longitudes of the low 40's and into 30's West (Azores being 28W) - getting closer! After a grey dawn, clear blue skiees greeted the morning watches.Although, still expecting the higher winds on Thursday unless we can out-run them with the rest of today's progress! Another Class B sailing yacht appeared on the AIS and horizon headed east as well . we are not alone! Equally, a school of dolphins (15 - 20) swam alongside for a brief moment - definitely closer to land! One breaking wave over the gunwale brought in a squid - a few more to go into the fish pie tonight (for the record - we threw it back in to live for another day)! The hours slip by quietly onward and eastward..noon day run of 177nm and the ships log passed through the 20,000nm logged, another milestone in Magic Friday's history!

Position posting at 12:00 Mid-Atlantic time (GMT-2hrs) 22/5

Phil, Mark and Matt

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