Day 7 - Brunswick GA - Portsmouth VA

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sat 7 Apr 2018 17:29
33:21.9N 79:15.6W

A not so quiet night as the anchor depth alarm sounded several times early morning on the out-going tide..not unexpected but surprised at the lower water, coupled with stronger southerly winds. Breakfast on zero depth(!) as we watched the local fisherman collect in his lobster pots and feed the pelicans with scraps.

Due to the stronger winds and thunderstorms forecast for later in the day, decided to move on up river to the safety of Georgetown Landing Marina. Safely tied up we wnet to investigate if the location had changed . no Blue Marlin dockside restaurant (closed), no Rice Paddy restaurant (now a sushi) and the Fox Theatre Swamp players were only doing 3 plays - not starting the season until May!! Some things do change.

However, the weather did not, heavy rain and thunder swept through the bay for most of the afternoon. A quick walk into town to the fish market caught Di in the rain whilst I worked on the head - changing he drive belt. Unfortunately, to no avail as the (belt) slipping noise persisted when used. Think on that I will!

Phil and Di

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