Day 20 - Marina Hemingway - Havana Cuba

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 14 Apr 2017 21:48
23:05.4N 82:29.7W

A day to rest - or at least "organize" and catch-up on some minor repairs - not least the beach/dock-side bbq cover (the usual zip problem form salt air - now replaced with Velcro straps).

A Cuban courtesy flag from the marina chandlers (which is really more of a liquor store than a chandlers (this time the way willing to serve customers - we had visited them yesterday but they were taking a "van" delivery and not willing to stop to serve - such is Cuban commercialism)!

A stroll along the marina canal and a decision with our friends to wait until tomorrow to go to the "flea market" as today is Good Friday and most places will be closed / quieter.

An afternoon trip to the Hotel Commodoro in an attempt to find a tourist agent to help us cross-country book travel was amazingly successful - there was an agent, yes she was willing to help us and yes.there were buses running to Trinidad with places (unlike the on-line booking systems). Within 15 minutes everything was arranged, we will leave on Monday morning and return Thursday - great - all sorted! A beer at the waters edge of the hotel watching windsurfers tear across the bay in a Force 4 wind. Then the usual taxi negotiation to get back to the marina - all worked fine!

A double dose of "Hornblower" to round off the evening with home-made fish cakes as the sun set behind horizon cumulus clouds.

Phil and Di

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