Day 4 - Virgin Gorda

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 18 Apr 2012 01:37
18:27.4N 64:26.5W
A dawn start with a fresh NE 15 knots gave us a very pleasant beam reach cruisng at 7-8 knots en-route to Virgin Gorda. Once under way - on-going issues to fix began - with the Battery Monitor re-set being the first success!  Unfortunately Di was not too well - even though we didn't eat the bbq'd chicken of last night (suspecting it had laready gone off) - she still picked up a stomach bug - so it was sleep in-between wacthes for the crew! The wind beagn to die durimg the afternoon and we resorted to motor-saiing for the last few hours as the Virgin Islands gradually got closer. Deciding to go south of Virgin Gorda and past the Baths to head for Virgin Gorda Yach Club instead of the Bitter End, with the hopes of getting some medication for Di. Lying outside the marina on anchor in a pleasant bay - having joined other cruisers and charterers for a peaceful night. Phil and Di.