Arrival - Antigua

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 6 Mar 2012 20:38
17:03.9N 61:53.0W
Arrived at Jolly Harbour, Antigua, 05.10 Tuesday 6th March after a rather brisk run in to the island overnight. The winds continued to be fresh right until we rounded the corner of the island to make our way north to the marina entrance and ended with a great sail under a full moon to round off this epic crossing.
The crossing took us a shade under 16 days and we did not motor at all. The average speed based on our noon day runs was 7.25 kts although we logged 3163nm which gives an average speed based on distance logged of 8.25kts. We ran the engine for 49hours to charge the batteries. All in all quite respectable figures.
Another interesting fact is the length of our defect list after this crossing. The sum total of the breakages amounts to one Spinnaker block which was an operator error. To take a standard, off the shelf, production boat across the Atlantic and only have one broken spinnaker block is an interesting fact in itself and says a lot about the boat.
All in all a great crossing............
We may even celebrate with a drink or two tonight!