Harbour Town Marina - Fort Pierce FL

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 25 May 2015 21:43
27:28.0N 80:19.6W

Monday Bank Holiday (U.S. - Memorial Day) - still to be a day of jobs. This time tackling small, annoying leaks - the first being the head - a left-over from the belt and pulley saga in the Bahamas. Stripped down, no obvious signs of where the leak is - typical. Re-assembled with extra jubilee clips and sealant ... and hope it has gone away! Time will tell. Wire the fan into the boat system - courtesy of Moody building in a wiring system for a possible head/shower in the forward cabin or even a writing table(!!) - hence a 12V line was easy to find behind an inspection cover in the closet. Then to our evening ritual of a marina pool swim / cool-off(!), meal back on-board and a quiet evening read and book chess game....perfect. Oh, and still watching the weather - remembering that we will go sailing sometime!!

Phil and Di