Day 2 - Azores - Portugal

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 30 May 2019 16:51

39:05.3N 25:10.5W

 Day 2 (30/5) – “Smooth sailing” as the log reports and indeed it has been these last 24 hours. With the exception of a brief spell in the lee of Isla Terceria, a light southerly 10-12knts breeze has carried us forward along our ever eastward path, now almost clear of the Azores island group.  After leaving the lights of civilization astern, the night was clear of clouds and before the fingernail moon rose, the stars were at their best. A faint dusting of the Milky Way, the Plough (Great Bear), Orion and the Three Sisters, all parading across the sky along with the planets on the respective horizons. Dawn eventually put the star-lights out as a bright orange ball rose in the east to dry the decks from the overnight dew.  Still the southerly wind at 12-12knots filled the sails on the beam as the day grew hotter...

 Position posting at 16:00 Azores time (GMT) 30/5

 Phil and Matt

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