City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 27 Feb 2017 18:55
27:08.0N 80:19.3W

Click, click, click on the hull underside ... all night (and day) - fish nibbling away at algea and other marine crustacea stuck to the waterline of the hull - quite large and colourful fish - doing a good job - pity they don't clean it entirely - I will still have to dive and scrape myself!

Disconnected the seawater inlet hose and ran the engine drawing in the "Barnacle Buster", left it for 4 hours and flushed out with clean water. Some black pieces were pushed through the exhaust system - so it remains to see if that has done the trick. Also changed the air filter. Will probably look at the exhaust tube and muffler before we venture out next time as well.

Unfortunately the gas cylinder ran empty just as Di was cooking lunch - the micro-wave comes in handy sometimes. Luckily Ace Hardware is within walking distance of the marina downtown - so a stroll over with the empty cylinder to refill ... or so we thought. Give a man a "cap" and he becomes all officious - refusing to refill the cylinder as the date stamp was too old!!! Funny how they filled it last time with no questions.....just bad luck to get the pedantic assistant today. We won't be going back there again! Luckily, we have two spare "dumpy" (U.K.) cylinders full (filled in Bermuda) as a back-up - so continuous gas supply and we will find another more accommodating place to refill the larger U.S. cylinder.

Otherwise, an easy day - catching up on Bargain Hunt episodes and the last of Jeeves in the evening.

Phil and Di

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