Day 26 - Bahamas Cruising (West End - US Coast)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 12 Apr 2016 18:39
29:16.7N 80:27.8W

Ships passing in the night - more like floating hotels in the case of the cruise liner "Enchantment-of-the-Sea" - no hope of identifying port or starboard lights - thankfully the AIS gives us direction and destination information! Wind shift to the north west - a little earlier than expected forced some overnight sail changes. Lights of the US East coast on the horizon - a quick crossing! In fact, too quick for a Fort Pierce high tide entry - we would have to wait 5+ hours.


So, onward sailing - possibly a Port Canaveral lay-over? Time to exchange a well worn Bahamas courtesy flag for the Stars and Stripes as we enter U.S. waters once again.


Keeping the discipline of hourly logs.


Then the weather reports come in - a strong northerly developing in 24 hours time between Cape Canaveral and Jacksonville, thunderstorms for the next several days....time for us to keep moving and reach Brunswick a.s.a.p.! Set the goosewing genoa and ready to sail throughout the day and into the evening once more...... 


Phil and Di 

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