Cumberland Island - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 31 Oct 2017 18:25
30:45.6N 81:28.4W

Slipped lines at just after 09:00, tide running out . we were underway! Clear blue skies, quiet waterways, Magic Friday sped through the water without the drag of growth on the hull or propeller - perfect. Except no wind . we had missed our weather window for a sail due to yesterday's instrument problems. Nevertheless, better to be out on the sea than still struggling to locate the problem!

Motoring down the coastline, past miles of golden sand beaches along Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island to approach St Mary's inlet. No shipping traffic to hinder our entrance, we slipped quietly into the passage and headed north toward our usual Cumberland Island anchorage as the sun began its descent toward the low horizon.

Anchor dug in, a new anchor "app" tested on the smart phone (monitor anchor drag), engine all shut down just in time to admire the sun painting the island's shoreline a rich golden brown as darkness descents . sundowners on deck! Night marks identified, time to shower, eat and watch another "Indian Jones"!

Phil and Di

P.S. Having played with the anchor app back home, the first problem on the water was to clear the memory that the anchor was NOT still at 105 Stone Mist Court whilst the boat was correctly just off Cumberland Island!! No wonder the drag alarm was constantly sounding! Problem fixed. Continuous monitoring set and all was well .. Except for the battery usage (cpntinuos GPS monitoring) - the phone dies sotmeime in the night. Looks like an app only to be used in uncertain anchorages!

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