City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 24 Mar 2017 18:06
27:08.0N 80:19.3W

Another windy day but no thunderstorm clouds on the horizon. Di off to provision for the next 2-3 weeks (except for fresh produce); myself to finishing the shunt installation. Wiring and connections finalised, double-checked and power on.... Yes! A working readout on the monitor for amperage usage. Now we can calculate power requirements and perhaps purchase a solar panel for trickle charging and resting on anchor with a controller in the circuit (thanks Jeff for the advice)....But that's a later project - for now we can assess power usage under difference scenarios.

Provisions stowed away, a few items collected from the local chandlery, aqua lung filled with fresh air (compressed) - we are nearly ready to go! Except..nothing back from the domestic insurance company - we will have to wait until Monday. At least we have a back-up company international insurers are lined up should all else fail locally.

Pizza and a movie for a traditional Friday evening..

Phil and Di

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