Day 15 - Bahama Cruising (Nassau Yacht Haven Marina - Providence Island)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 15 Apr 2015 12:05
25:04.6N 77:19.0W

A day of jobs-to-be-done in the sweltering heat of Nassau! First priority was to call the courier and make sure our long awaited part for the head repair would be re-delivered - yes there were customers duty and "other charges" to be paid of ~$50...hmm. most of which turned out to be :informal entry" charges i.e. a form the courier had to fill in to import the part...I wonder where that went! Anyway, we had the right part and within 2 hours in cramped positions around the head - it was fixed - at last - 3 weeks after order - how's that for expedited, priority delivery! Laundry done, off to the local grocery store for re-provisioning. Not exactly a "local" store - we couldn't identify a single local produce - plenty from the U.S. (Doles) and even some from the U.K. (Waitrose) - there was no shortage of any item - fresh, tined and frozen! Well stocked we staggered back to the boat. Sundowners and then to the "Poop Deck" marina restaurant - packed with mariners, hotel and possibly liner patrons! Early to retire after a successful day, ready to leave Nassau for the last time in the morning.  


Phil and Di