Day 2 - North Atlantic : Bermuda-East Coast

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 2 Jun 2014 20:20
32:50.9N 67:17.1W

A cold sun rose on our stern – with hopes that it would warm the day and clear the rain clouds from overnight. And indeed it did! After a few more rain spells, the wind freshened from the north to a steady 15-18 knots, a small course correction to a WNW heading and we began to see “real” miles fall off our DTD (Distance to Destination) – breaking through the 500nm by mid-afternoon. A passing cargo ship, a distant yacht (seen only on AIS), one flying fish(seen by Piko!) and a Storm Petrel were the only company we have had in the last 24hrs. Watch, eating and sleeping routines were well established, the towed generator providing additional power to the batteries whilst Magic Friday powered on through the high seas (we had some respite from the heavy seas in the morning but they returned to the ~15ft rollers by late afternoon – despite being in over  17,000ft of North Atlantic Ocean depth)! Local noon at 13:21 was set by sextant readings of the sun rising and falling (time predicted by Piko on rate of ascent) and our noon day run at 118nm was a little disappointing but considering the route we had to take to avoid the Bermuda reefs – the low number is probably not surprising. As the afternoon begins to escape, evening meal and preparations for our second night on the return journey take shape – hoping for a better noon day distance tomorrow. Di, Piko and Phil.