Day 6 - North Atlantic - East Coast to Bermuda

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sat 17 May 2014 22:39
33:15.0N 65:22.3W

At 08:00 this morning we made our final turn toward Bermuda – heading 140T (155M). Distance to the way-point: 120nm . Only one night incident under full sail with the “Aca Adara” – after several radio calls, they finally answered to discuss intentions as we were to pass by each other too close for comfort – they altered course to pass on our stern within 1/2nm. Interestingly, their cargo appeared to be sailing yacht deliveries destination Moorhead City North Carolina! So, with our destination in “sight” – well, at that time only on the chart-plotter (we expect to see lights from land sometime early Sunday morning before sunrise). The storm having blown its course, we are now motoring on a course to enter St George harbour via Five Fathom Hole and the Town Cut (although that may change according to Bermuda Harbour Control.). This evening we had our last dinner at sea – eating our way through the fresh food pre-customs clearance and seemingly very stringent regulations! But what a good meal it was – with wine (weekends and mid-journey only) and Italian opera music (courtesy of Mike)! The final miles slip away as the sun sets…our last blog tomorrow should be reporting arrival and clearance into Bermuda. Phil, Di and Mike.