City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 21 Mar 2017 18:51
27:08.0N 80:19.3W

Yet another clear and bright morning, the sun quickly warming the chill overnight air as it chases away the darkness.

A check on the wind anemometer (with binoculars and camera) to see if birds had disturbed it (and hence a trip up the mast) - no - all looked good. One less job pre-departure job top do! Although sadly, the dampness has returned to one of the binocular lenses - another batch of sunlight to see if they can be cleared (we had inquired whilst in Atlanta to have opened and dried out professionally but the process would take 1-2 weeks)!

Next job on hand - opening up the exhaust hose from the muffler to the external pipe and check for blockages (continuing the project of low engine revs). No blockages - all clear.

Mini Magic inflated and floated in the heat of the afternoon.

Dockside BBQ as the sun set over the marina and a trial of "Doc Martin" on Netflix (we had been asked by a fellow American boater earlier in the morning to translate a word (non-repeatable) they were struggling with re the series Doc martin - so we thought we would "educate" ourselves / check on our translation by watching an episode - okay - maybe more to watch)!

Phil and Di

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