Day 10 - Western Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 21 Jun 2012 02:39
32:10.7N 80:46.4W

We found the Gulf Stream overnight - approximately 80nm form the coast, lasting for about 8 hrs crossing - a 40nm width - just as Mike A had predicted! Unfortunately we were a little too far north to truly benefit from the current flow. We had to steer to correct our course and make a reasonable cross track. The night was not helped with light easterly winds (F3-4) - with result that we finished the last 50nm today motoring toward the Tybee Road entrance. Once inside the channel we had to make a bold right turn to pass in between breakwater shoals and submerged shifting shoals to reach Calibogue Sound - with depth readings of less than 0.9m we edged across the wide opening in a flooding tide. Once in the Sound a pleasant motor past beaches, the golf course and Harbour Town to finally reach our destination: Palmetto Bay marina. A nice welcome from the resident marina lady and we were tied up at 18:45 on Day 10 - 1,392 logged miles later - an average speed of 5.9 knots. Final team photo as the crew are paacked and offloaded at the jetty (see below). 


Now the process of shutting down Magic Friday after another great voyage begins. Once again there is time for another reflection worthy of note - the Moody 41C's "classic" performance and minimal snag list : the boat design for safety, comfort and sailing ability were once again clearly demonstrated. Light and changeable winds showed how easily the boat picks up speed. Strong winds and heavy seas showed how the boat is capable of weathering such conditions without any concern. Versatility with a polled out Genoa and self-tacking job headsails both set or the asymmetric spinnaker demonstrates the boats sailing aspect. Equipment on-board (AIS, satellite communication and water-maker to name a few are game changers in the long distance passage making both from a safety viewpoint and pure comfort!


Phil, Mike and Mike