Day 13 - Trans Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 2 Mar 2012 20:19
17:14.2N 51:20.7W

Another fast sail today and the lighter winds did not materialise so we did not get the chance to try out the Parasail or fly the Asymmetric again. a cloudy and squally night turned into a fantastic day with blue skies and about 25kts of wind from the ENE. We have been heading slightly south today and are now more or less on the same latitude as Antigua so we have just gybed and are now on a more direct heading. Our noon to Noon run was a credible 186nm and we have just passed to 600nm to go mark as I write this. The forecast is for quite fresh winds for the rest of the trip now so we expect to finish on Tuesday sometime.


Part of each day is normally spent doing "jobs". Today was the turn of the AIS gps antenna. It was relocated to another position to get a better signal as it had not been working very consistently. This entailed hanging upside down in various lockers, similar to all all jobs on boats, re-routing the cable etc. It all seems OK now in its new position so hopefully that job is now off the list. The more we get done at sea the more R&R we get on arrival!!


Chicken Curry on the menu tonight with a film later.


As we get ready for our 6.00pm "sundowner" with "Norah Jones" playing on the Bose - sailing effortlessly at 8.5kts watching the sun closing in on the horizon - whoever you are you couldn't --"Not Enjoy" this.


MF - Enjoy your Friday evening.