Harbour Town Marina - Fort Pierce FL

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 27 May 2015 17:24
27:28.0N 80:19.6W

Today was another day for leak repairs - back to the engine impeller issue - a more difficult one to solve. Research on the internet provided some detail diagrams and some discussion of a possible water pump leak around the shaft. Dismantled the impeller (again) and subsequently speaking with Voilvo Penta technical help - that would appear to be the case. No need to drain the oil - but the full pump housing has to be dismantled to replace the seals and/or bearings. New seals on order (the local dealer had was out of stock) - no option but to re-assemble and re-seal the impeller cover plate. Run the engine and...oh - no leak? How can that be - well, let's see after a few hours running - at least it is holding for now. Possibly a big job off the list! 


Then, more good news - the VHF arrived by Fedex (the reason we are still in Fort Pierce). True to Navico (Simrad's) word - they had repaired the board and re-programmed for U.S. channels - changing the handset to station 2 (with luck station 1 would still be programmed to Europe channels - well, that's my theory which we can only test a few years hence when we return to the Med - but it would be such an eloquent solution if that were the case). Anyway, switched the set on and...and oh the U.S coast guard - loud and clear on channel 16 - at last!! (Just to note - the U.S. Coast Guard is VERY active on 16 - issuing navigation warnings, “pan pan” alerts (vessel in distress) etc... - so finally we can keep up to date on the ship's VHF as well as the handheld (I never did get an explanation as to why the handheld VHF will work globally and not the more expensive/sophisticated ship's VHF will not - never-mind - they both work now so who is worrying!). 


Another provisioning shop by Di and as the sun set we were fully re-stocked and stowed - a long day! 


We are almost ready to go - a few minor tasks in the morning, wait for high tide (late afternoon) and away...back to the Bahamas!


Phil and Di 

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