Day 11 - Trans Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 29 Feb 2012 19:08
19:50.3N 45:28.1W

Today’s entry is a few words from the skipper - on the boat and then the crew! More of that later - first the days progress : the wind lightened a little during the night and turned to a true easterly direction leaving us little choice but to veer slightly north and subsequently gybe to a port tack by mid-morning. Progress has been slower than previous days runs although noon-to-noon was a respectable 182 nm - possibly with a little help from the North Equatorial current. The afternoon's discussion has been around "how to launch the parasail' (without a squeezer) and finally deciding to leave it to another day - with lighter winds!!


The boat - after this trip there is no doubt in my mind - the Moody 41 Classic sails effortlessly. We have been sailing for 11 days now - averaging over 172 nm noon-to-noon runs without pushing the boat hard at all. The hull shape, sail configuration (poled Genoa and self-tacking jib with the main) balance the boat perfectly, maintaining a consistently respectable speed in relatively light winds. Steering is easy, sail reefing couldn't be easier - not having to leave the cockpit (in-mast furling) and most of all the cockpit and interior comfort is exceptional! Try as we did to fill the boat with provisions there was still plenty of room below for more! The cockpit lockers are cavernous and easily accommodate the Asymmetric, Para-sail plus all the other equipment that comes aboard including 140 litres of diesel and 50 litres of water (just in case)  - with room for more! As I said: no doubt in my mind - a fully equipped blue water cruiser with a strong emphasis on safety for shorthanded sailing. Of course there are always a few minor mods needed (cup holders in the cockpit - Jeff!!) but nothing to hold us back on such a trip! Well done to Hanse for re-designing and re-launching the Moody as the Classic sailing yacht it is.


The crew - well, to say we work smotthly as a team would be an understatement. Both Jeff and Chris have considerable long haul experience / racing / boat delivery and just cruising, along with "master" chef qualities (Chris) - we are all well matched. The friendly competitiveness has developed in many aspects - through serving the best / most original starters through to guessing our arrival time, the sea temperature at mid-day in Jolly Harbour and of course the noon-day runs. Who knows what awaits the winner at the end!


No smells from the galley as yet but I understand prawn cocktails are on the starter menu.


Lastly, just to say we caught another flying fish - although not 2ft long and actually I don't sleep with the light on!


That’s all from Magic Friday for today.