Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 7 Mar 2012 18:30
17:03.9N 61:53.0W
As we adjust back to being "land-lubbers" and we settle Magic Friday into its Jolly Harbour berthing - we have plenty to do to clean up and effect a few small repairs. It would seem that Jeff's contacts stretch far and wide around the world - even to the sail loft on English Harbour - being able to arrange a quick sail repair and a new batten for the jib (which was lost on the U.K. - Lanzarote hitch). The boom "creak" can be easily fixed now we are mortionless and even the cockpit table hinges can be re-set at leisure! The watermaker shut down procedure (flushing with a sterileser) is an important task to keep it free of any organisms whislt not in use. Lastly the stainless steel needs a good working with some "elbow grease" as the sea's corresive nature never abates - even on a realtively new boat!! As you can tell there is not a lot to do given the duration of the trip we have just completed - yet another compliment to the quality of the Hanse built Moody 41C.
Finally a word on the trememduos support and help provided by Jeff and Chris - not only are they such experienced sailors, but have been excellent company - we have shared many jokes and had a lot of fun together over the past 16+ days. I would like to think we have cemented a lasting friendship and have no doubt we will meet again somewhere in the world in this relatively small sailing community. If we had the opportunity to sail again together I think we would have no hesitation in doing so - and in less than a "heartbeat"!