Brunswick Landing Marina - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 5 Mar 2018 18:27

31:09.5N 81:29.9W

Fresh and early start with a cold but fresh clear blue sky.

First task was to unpack the new AIS-500 and check installation. Power up with GPS and VHF antennae connected, linked in to the NMEA 2000 bus and .. It works! Sending and receiving, full lat/long and all instrumentation data on the bus! Next task to calibrate, a few driver problems to overcome . but success again, all data stored. Power cables soldered to existing power line, cables tidied, box re-positioned and all is well.

Afternoon boat wash down and scrub, looking good again.

Another stunning sunset over the marshes. Curry for dinner and a (possible) Netflix Midsommer Madness to round off a productive Monday!

Phil and Di

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