Day 3 - Trans-Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 21 Feb 2012 18:12
25:44.4N 22:25.5W
And Monday night dinner was good! Not an uneventful night this time as the auto-pilot drive motor fuse blew and caused an unexpected gybe (but with boom preventer on) - no major issue and repaired at first light. Noon day sightings taken with sextant - although positional calculations still to be tackled! Ran the watermaker today which works well and has a compressor run directly off the main engine, thereby we can make water at the same time as charging the batteries.  Boat sailing perferctly - noon day run 172nm (straight line) - average >7knots - another 2,300nm to go! Logged 200nm (ave >8knots) with genoa poled and goosewinged. This trip is proving that this boat is very easy to sail quickly short-handed. We received a grib file to check the weather today and it shows an area of light winds maybe 48 hours ahead. Therefore we have Gybed to go south a bit in the hope that we can miss them or at least put us in a better position to use them more favourably. Movie night tonight (Qunatum of Solace) after dinner......