Day 4 - North Atlantic Ocean

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 12 May 2019 15:00
37:31.8.9N 67:29.2W

Catch up blog posting:

Day 1 (Thurs) - Fresh morning start, water tanks and containers filled. Last checks of weather apps, some goodbyes to fellow boaters and we slip away out of the marina at mid-day into the Elizabeth River. Last views of Waterside (Norfolk), past the miles of commercial and naval shipyards and into a freshening easterly wind of the Chesapeake Bay. Choosing the northern exit for ease of wind, we tacked over the tunnel and headed toward pre-loaded route "Portmsouth - Horta": 2,280nm ahead of us. Easterlery course loaded in, evening dinner of pork, potatoes and veg we settled into the watch routine. A good start!

Day (2) (Fri) - A clear night, finger moon waxing paved a pleasant light over the dark inky black sea. Broad reaching consistent southerlies, heading slightly north of east to capture the best winds. Schools of dolphins played alongside the hull and followed by a pod of whales leisurely gliding past us heading west. Tow generator successfully deployed for battery trickle charging. Then the heavy south-easterly blow (as expected). Sails reefed, boat speed 9-10 nights in building seas. Nevertheless, turkey mince bolognaise and paste rounded the day's sail.

Day (3) - As posted - fast progress albeit in heavy seas and a strong north easterly. Grib files indicated better winds further south. Water maker tested, filling 30litrtes to the tanks in 1/2hour. Warm up left-over's for dinner offset the grey evening and night ahead.

Day (4) (Sun) - A southerly heading in search of the westerly winds yielded only a slight variation to the south east. Heavy rain throughout the night. SBI Flamenco (cargo, 240m length, destination Malta, slips by well astern. Back on an easterly course the day slips by and the routine watches repeat.

Phil, Mark and Matt