Leaving Australia

Anthony Swanston
Tue 21 Jul 2015 03:32
Well, I am half way to the first island stop of Debut, Indonesia hoping to arrive on Friday. Strong current saw the boat doing better than 9 knots leaving Thursday Island. And I left Browyn behind, a tall and lovely customs officer. Yet another girl who turned down the opportunity to sail away aboard Wild Fox. Three of us left about the same time but most leave today, Tuesday. About 40 of them all told. Lots of fishing activity along the way with drift nets and long lines to get caught up in. Most of the long lines have strobe lights on the buoys; not much help if I am asleep!

68 feet of Buffalo Nickel passed me at lunchtime Monday doing precisely twice my speed; Persephone is just behind overhauling me fast. With 50 boats on passage tomorrow's radio net will take for ever. While awaiting my turn perhaps I will catch the one remaining Australian fly who is determined not to be caught...

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