At Sea

Anthony Swanston
Tue 5 Mar 2013 21:21
The day before we left we had to go ashore to buy drinking water in 20 litre containers. Having paid for it the heavens opened. Had we stayed aboard for another 15 minutes the rain catching system would have filled the tanks in no time, at no cost and without carrying the water out and the empties back. Staring at the ceaseless rain Sapir remarked "That is a very bad Murphy law"!

Next day (Sunday) we upped anchor at 0630 to get over the sand bar at the mouth of the river at high water.. And then out into the Pacific. With no wind. But un-forecast wind came through at about 1400 and held until about an hour before writing this (Tuesday, 1600 local time, 2100 GMT). Food has been good but it was quite rough for cooking yesterday.

I have joined in the Pan Pacific radio net each day even though all of the boats are 400 miles north of me; but we will converge at the Galapagos. After much paperwork and more dollars we will all get a beer together and exchange ideas on the various trips around then islands - the boat is only allowed to stay in one place.

Sapir says, and I am taking dictation now "It is both an honour and a privilege to be sailing on such a nice yacht with the most wonderful captain in the world. The fact that he is the best chef in the world just adds to the experience". Honestly. That is what she told me to write. Would I tell a lie????????????

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