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Date: 19 Nov 2007 19:44:00
Title: Almost There

21:23.301N  65:40.536W
Less than 200 miles to go.  We expect to arrive in Charlotte Amalie Harbor on St. Thomas tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  A full day earlier than Don's original plan.  Once again a project delivered early with no help from GCS (Don figured Bruce and Tony would most appreciate this observation).
Bill's birthday celebration has been postponed until tonight due to unscheduled wave action that took place yesterday causing the chief cook to scale back on the elaborate dinner that was planned.  The birthday boy took the news well and turned 60 without a hitch.
We continue to sail straight south at a nice pace with good wind.  Today (Tuesday 11/20) the seas are relatively flat.  As a result, the activity level on the boat is at an all time high.  The generator is running, we are making fresh water, doing some laundry in the washing machine, cleaning the crust of salt off of important surfaces like the windshield so we can actually see where we are going, etc.  All in preparation for landfall.
We saw two freighters yesterday and Bill saw some birds this morning, so it is clear that we are getting closer to land and civilization.  Although we are all looking forward to sleeping on a vessel that is not moving, I think we will also miss the solitude we've experienced while on watch at night with no one and nothing around except the stars, moon and sound of the wind and waves (and the occasional harmonica being played along with one of the classic blues songs on the stereo).
More tomorrow or Thursday - hopefully from St. Thomas.

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