Rob and Jacky Black
Sun 5 Jul 2015 06:09

43 03.0 N 09 50.3 E

Isola Capraia 5th - 7th July

We had a quick passage to Capraia with little traffic on the water just a few ferries and one large container ship heading south along the coast. Having called ahead to enquire about a berth we decided that 125 Euros per night was too much so opted for a buoy at 45! On arrival we made contact on the VHF and were soon met by a rib that assisted us onto the rather complicated mooring buoy which has three lines for each boat one for the bow and one for each of the stern cleats. The buoys are ranked in two lines quite close together and boats are moored either in front or behind the line with the smaller boats going closer to the shore. The water was delightfully clear and we had numerous fish swimming under the boat. It was super to be able to swim again and cool off whenever we felt like it.

We took the dinghy into the charming small port and checked out the facilities, the small shop and the various taverna around the port. We also found out that there was a small shuttle bus to take us to the town up the hill.

The castle at the top is actually now privately owned by a British family and the islanders were looking forward to an English styled family wedding to be held the following week in the large church in the town square what a venue!

We spent two nights on this lovely island and enjoyed a very good fish based meal in one of the restaurants on the port. 

Next stop Pisa marina.