Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 19 Jul 2013 19:56

44 08.4 N 15 04.1 E

Muline (North end of Otak Uglan) Friday 19th July

We bid farewell to the staff in the office at Preko Marina having agreed to return in 3 weeks to collect our gas bottle and some prescription drugs that our son will be posting to us. Then we motored north west to the bay at Muline where we anchored overnight. This proved to be a good anchorage although there was a good deal of passing traffic including a hydrofoil ferry that created a big wash. The town quay looked good and in fact the anchorage to the west of this would probably have been better than where we were to the north nearer to the narrow channel. By dusk there were 7 boats in that area and only a couple near to us.

We set off early and headed NW for the island of Molat.