Friday 13th June a blog from the fog

Rob and Jacky Black
Tue 17 Jun 2008 13:18

40’ 26.2N 08’ 54.3W

We are now motor sailing in about 5 knots of wind from the west having come through a very foggy morning with visibility down to 100metres approximately. We left Povoa  de Vazim at 0630 having been informed due to the lack of wind there would be no race to the next port – Figueira da Foz. All the boats have stayed in close proximity although for some time we could see no-one except for blips on the radar screen. Several now have their spinnakers up and are making reasonable progress.

We all enjoyed our visit to Pavoa and the Yacht Club there made us very welcome; in particular the night of the prize giving when they had laid on an excellent musician who kept us entertained with a wide variety of songs and some skilful guitar playing, some of us even managed a dance or two. The trip to Porto was interesting and those that went to the Taylor’s Port house made numerous purchases of their very fine products. I am sure we will all be sampling them in due course. Many of the party chose to have a leisurely lunch on the river front – the Ribeira, in Porto and so not much site seeing was done! It was very hot so the hills were rather daunting especially after the climb up to the Taylors centre earlier in the morning!

We said goodbye to our crew – Andy this morning who has to get back to the U.K for work next week. So now we are just the two of us for 6 days until the next crew arrives in Lisbon.

Jacky and Bob