Elba - Marina di Campo

Rob and Jacky Black
Thu 2 Jul 2015 06:13

42 44.7 N 10 14.4 E

Marina Di Campo (South coast of Elba)

We anchored in the bay off this delightful small resort in crystal clear water following an uneventful crossing under motor. One high spot on the journey was the arrival of a large dolphin and then a smaller one - they both frolicked under the bow for several minutes - just wonderful!We saw a number of yachts and loads of ferries crossing from the mainland of Italy and France.

The bay was quiet when we dropped the anchor but later in the day we had some 8 other boats anchored around us. It was delightful to just relax,enjoy the scenery, sun bath and swim off the back of the boat. We had a super BBQ using the steaks Jacky had purchased in Sardinia a speciality known as Scotono beef (not sure of the spelling)and they were deliciously tender too!

We took the dinghy into the small harbour and explored the town - sampled the local beer and had a good snack lunch on the second day.

But with time marching on we decided to head for the capital of this island Portoferraio the following morning. This involved a motor sail along the south and east coast of the island before heading south down into the bay to the port. It is a lovely place and we saw loads of beaches and bays along with the ruins of the old mineral extraction mines dotted on the south east coast's rugged rocky head lands. The island was important for iron ore and the rocks have a distinct rusty tinge! In addition we saw on most of the headlands the watch towers constructed mainly by the Pisan or Genovese rulers in the middle ages.It is a a very lush island with olive cultivation and some local wines too. The hills are green and covered in pine, eucalyptus, and cedar with palm trees on the coastal stretches and in towns. The bougainvillea and hibiscus are at their best just now and the vibrant colours are superb along with the sweet smell of flowering Jasmine everywhere.