Rob and Jacky Black
Fri 16 Aug 2013 07:43

43 54.8 N 15 23.2 E

Otak Pasman  -Landin Bay Friday 16th August

WE left Preko and motor sailed (again) down the eastern side of Ugljan Island through the myriad of tiny islands and past the narrow gap (which has a bridge with only 16m air height so too low for us) between Pasman Island and Ugljan. We spotted a number of small anchorages  in this area that looked good. We continued on and rounded the southern end of Pasman and then up the west side to our destination Landin Bay. We arrived around 1330 and there were at least 10 white mooring buoys vacant on the west side and at the head of the bay. We however opted to anchor on the east side in 7 metres – the water was clear and the bottom looked like sand/mud with some weed patches. The centre of the bay was deep. We had a quiet day and night – it was fun to watch the scramble for the buoys as the afternoon progressed! They were all full by 1800 and other boats did as we had – anchored! No one came for money so a pleasant change to have a free night!